Are you ready for the revolution in Diabetes monitoring and treatment?

Equity Investors sought for revolutionary med tech product launch expected before Christmas 2017.

Diabetes is one of the most life threatening disorders if not addressed correctly, may lead to health complications such as kidney failure, blindness or amputation over 10% off all adults will be suffering by 2040 unless we do something now!

$5 million of equity funding needed to take all the Technology and produce a robust wearable shell. Basically this is the last step to take all from prototype to the global market.

Investment Highlights

  • Ground breaking Noninvasive sensors 30 noninvasive bodily measurements taken in under 1 minute with 99% accuracy
  • 800 billion dollar industry
  • 500 million diabetics
  • Save millions of lives
  • Improve quality of life for millions
  • Save billions of dollars for healthcare
  • Remote Real time reporting 24/7 365
  • Opportunity to invest now & be a part of the biggest healthcare revolution

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